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Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):1-78
Review Article
Review of Efficacy and Safety of Semaglutide in the Management of Obesity
Seunghoon Han and Tae Eun Park
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):1-20
Original Articles
Analysis of Factors Associated with Daytime Sleepiness in Korean Adolescents
Eun Jeong Jang, Jung Sun Kim, Kitai Kim, Hye Sun Gwak, and Ji Min Han
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):21-29
A Survey of Public Preferences on Repeat Dispensing
Young Mi Lee, Daejin Kim, Eunjoo Lee, and Hyun Soon Sohn
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):30-38
Comparison of the Expedited Programs for Innovative Drug Development and Approval among United States, European Union, and Republic of Korea
Jiyeon Park, Hyewon Shin, and Jangik. I. Lee
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):39-61
Evaluation of Pharmacists’ Intervention Activities in Community Pharmacy
Hyunji Koo, Jong-Mi Seong, Sun-Young Jung, and Kyeong Hye Jeong
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):62-70
The Impact of Drug Interactions with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on Adverse Event Development based on the changes of drug concentration level: Meta-analysis
JinAh Hwang and Heeyoung Lee
Korean J Clin Pharm 2024;34(1):71-78
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