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Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):1-69
Original Articles
Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Regimen Complexity on Readmission of Elderly Patients with Polypharmacy: A Retrospective Study
Sunmin Lee
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):1-7
Potentially Unnecessary Gastrointestinal Drug Use in Patients with Acute Cystitis
Taeyeon Kim, Song Hyeon Jeon, and Nam Kyung Je
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):8-21
Qualitative Study on the Narcotics Information Management System (NIMS) Experience of Doctors and Pharmacists Using Narcotic Analgesics
Jinyi Kim and Young-jeon Shin
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):22-34
Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, and Educational Needs for Safe Medication Use in Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women: A Questionnaire-Based Study
Jiwon Park, Kyung Hee Choi, Kiyon Rhew, Hayeon Kim, and Kyungim Kim
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):35-42
Comparison of Fentanyl-Based Rapid Onset Opioids for the Relief of Breakthrough Cancer Pain: Drug Price Based on Effect Size
Seongchul Kim, Hayoun Jung, Jina Park, Jinsol Baek, Yeojin Yun, Junghwa Hong, and Eunyoung Kim
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):43-50
Systematic Search and Qualitative Evaluation of Dietary Supplement Mobile Applications: Using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS)
Hyeon Ji Lee, Si Hyun Seong, Hyunjin Chung, Yun Jeong Lee, and Jae-Hyun Kim
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):51-61
Adherence to Antidepressants in Korean Elderly Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Kyeong Ju Lee and Yu Jeung Lee
Korean J Clin Pharm 2023;33(1):62-69
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