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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) curriculum schedule

Week Topic Teaching Methods Team-based Activity Teaching Platform
1 Introduction to IPPE course and teaching platforms Lecture - Zoom, Gather
2 Introduction to community pharmacy Role of pharmacists & mini-cases Lecture O Gather
3 Introduction to the SOAP note Prescription verification & case discussion Lecture PBL O Gather
4 Online seminar on drug safety Guest lecture - -
5 Korea Pharmaceutical Information Center & Pharm IT 3000 Guest lecture - Zoom
6 Patient case #1 (pyelonephritis) & SOAP note writing PBL O Gather
7 Introduction to patient counseling Lecture - Zoom
8 Patient counseling practice PBL O Gather
9 Introduction to nonprescription drugs & mini-cases Lecture O Zoom, Gather
10 Community pharmacy compounding practice Hands-on practice O Face-to-face
11 Patient case #2 (acute kidney injury) & SOAP note writing PBL O Gather
12 Introduction to hospital pharmacy & sterile compounding Guest lecture - Zoom
13 Hospital pharmacy compounding practice of sterile injectables Hands-on practice O Face-to-face
14 Introduction to advanced pharmacy practice experience Lecture - Face-to-face
15 Final exam - - Zoom & LMS

IPPE, Introductory pharmacy practice experience; LMS, learning management system; SOAP, subjective, objective, assessment, and plan; PBL, problem-based learning

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