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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

The current status of knowledge, attitudes, and practices among caregivers of pediatric patients regarding medication use

Categories Survey questions Mean ± SD
Knowledge of medication use for onés child I have a good understanding of the efficacy and safety of OTC and prescription medications for my children. 2.99 ± 0.78
I am able to fully understand medication information when consulting about OTC or prescription drugs. 3.57 ± 0.83
I know I should only take antipyretic analgesics when my child has fever or pain. 4.15 ± 0.83
I ensure that my child completes the entire prescribed course of antibiotics. 3.81 ± 0.98
I recognize the importance of checking expiration dates before taking any medication. 4.35 ± 1.02
I understand that the same medication may have different effects or reaction on adults and children. 4.49 ± 0.54
I know that refrigerating medications can help extend their shelf life.* 3.47 ± 1.02
Total 3.83 ± 0.44

Attitude of medication use for onés child Before giving my child any medication, I first search for information on the internet.* 4.14 ± 0.86
I sometimes feel the need to make sure I am giving my child the medication appropriately. 3.09 ± 1.04
I am more cautious and careful when administering medication to my child compared to when I take medication myself. 3.69 ± 0.80
I am aware of the possibility of adverse drug reactions and seek medical attention if I experience any unusual symptoms after taking medication. 3.65 ± 0.81
I wish it were more convenient to buy medication at convenience stores or online.* 2.89 ± 0.85
I believe that natural therapies or herbal medicines are safer for my child's health than (OTC or prescription) medicines.* 4.57 ± 0.59
Total 3.67 ± 0.38

Practice of medication use for one's child I always refer to the medication manual or consult with a pharmacist regarding proper storage methods, as each medication may have different requirements 3.98 ± 0.75
I do not repeat a previous medication for similar symptoms without consulting a specialist 3.64 ± 1.14
I use a typical spoon or teaspoon to measure syrup doses at home 3.65 ± 1.36
If my child vomits medication soon after taking it, I try to give it to them again 2.67 ± 1.21
I do not forcibly open my child's mouth if they refuse to take medication 3.18 ± 1.05
I always ask the pharmacist for detailed information when purchasing OTC or prescription medications 3.63 ± 0.79
If I suspect an adverse drug reaction, I promptly notify the hospital or pharmacy 3.96 ± 0.81
I store medication along with the original package and instructions to ensure proper usage. 4.04 ± 0.91
I always check the expiration date before taking any medication 4.01 ± 0.95
I properly dispose of unused medication through a waste medicine collection box 2.74 ± 1.16
I keep all medications in my house out of reach of children 3.75 ± 1.04
I continue to give medication to my child until the full course is completed, even if symptoms have disappeared 3.09 ± 1.03
Total 3.53 ± 0.45

Overall 3.65 ± 0.34
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