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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Assessment of participants’ knowledge, attitude, and practice in the safe use of medication

Category Items Mean±SD
Knowledge There are contraindicated drugs that should not be taken during pregnancy/breastfeeding. 4.67±0.79
During pregnancy/breastfeeding, you should inform your doctor or pharmacist of any over-the-counter medications you take without a doctor's prescription. 4.66±0.68
The degree of risk of the drug to the fetus depends on the cycle of pregnancy. 4.47±0.85
When planning a pregnancy, both men and women should check the effect of the drugs they are taking on the pregnancy. 4.65±0.59
It is necessary to consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you plan to take Chinese medicines or herbal medicines during pregnancy/breastfeeding. 4.79±0.47
It is necessary to confirm the storage method of the medicine with the insert paper or with the pharmacist. 4.60±0.66
It is ok to throw away any extra or expired medicines in a general trash can or sewer. 3.30±1.61
Knowledge total 4.45±0.44
Attitude When I buy medicine, I believe that the information provided by my doctor or pharmacist can be trusted. 4.21±0.81
When buying or taking medications, I believe that the information provided from my doctor or pharmacist is useful. 4.41±0.69
When taking medications during pregnancy/breastfeeding, I believe that it makes me anxious. 1.60±0.84
When I read the insert paper of the drug, I believe that I fully understand its contents. 3.62±0.95
When I receive drug counseling, I believe that I fully understand its contents. 4.08±0.77
Attitude total 3.58±0.46
Practice If I have any questions about medications during pregnancy/breastfeeding, I usually get information from friends or family members who experienced pregnancy/breastfeeding, or from related internet blogs. 2.16±1.01
When I start taking new medicines during pregnancy/breastfeeding, I usually ask my doctor or pharmacist for exact information. 4.35±0.83
During pregnancy/breastfeeding, I usually try to control the symptoms without taking medication. 1.88±0.89
When I store my medicine, I usually keep the insert paper or packaging with the medicine. 4.06±1.05
When I take the medicine, I usually check the expiration date. 4.20±1.10
Practice total 3.33±0.47
KAP total 3.87±0.32

Calculated by reversing the original score. KAP, knowledge, attitude, practice

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