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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

2×2 contingency table and the related definitions for disproportionality analysis

2×2 contingency table for disproportionality calculation
Target drug All other drugs Total
Specific drug A B A+B
All other drugs C D C+D
Total A+C B+D A+B+C+D
Definition and signal detection criteria of implemented data mining indices
Indices Definition Criteria of signal detection
PRR [A/(A+B)]/[C/(C+D)] PRR ≥2, Chi-squared ≥4, and A ≥3
ROR (A/B)/(C/D) ROR ≥2, Chi-squared ≥4, and A ≥3
IC log[P(AE, drug)/P(AE)P(drug)] Under limit of 95 % confidence interval ≥0

PRR, proportional reporting ratio; ROR, reporting odds ratio; IC, information component; AE, adverse event

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