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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Causes of drug related problems by frequency of pharmacist’s intervention (n=584)

Domain Cause Number of interventions (%)
Drug selection 248(42.5%)
No or incomplete drug treatment in spite of existing indications 118(20.2%)
No indication for drug 55(9.4%)
Inappropriate drugs according to guidelines/formulary 30(5.1%)
Inappropriate combination of drugs, or drugs and herbal medications, or drugs and dietary supplements 26(4.5%)
Inappropriate duplication of therapeutic group or active ingredients 18(3.1%)
Too many different drugs/active ingredients prescribed for indication 1(0.2%)
Dose selection 180(30.3%)
Drug dose of a single active ingredient too high 65(11.1%)
Drug dose too low 53(9.1%)
Dosage regimen too frequent 28(4.8%)
Dosage regimen not frequent enough 18(3.1%)
Dose timing instructions wrong, unclear or missing 13(2.2%)
Patient transfer related Medication reconciliation problem 27(4.6%)
Dispensing Necessary information not provided or incorrect advice provided 17(2.9%)
Duration of treatment too long 9(1.5%)
Treatment duration Duration of treatment too short 2(0.3%)
Drug form Inappropriate drug form/formulation (for this patient) 8(1.4%)
Other 97(16.7%)
Insurance 36(6.2%)
No or inappropriate outcome monitoring 14(2.4%)
No obvious cause 11(1.9%)
Other cause; specify* 36(6.2%)

*Recommendation of nutrition support, date key-in error, check the treatment plan

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