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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Comparison of laws or regulations on e-cigarettes among Republic of Korea, United States, England, and Australia

Laws Republic of Korea United States England Australia
Age minimum age of purchase 19 21 18 18

Sales E-cigarette sales permitted, but regulated (e.g. marketing authorization requirement, cross-border sale restrictions, restrictions in venues where they can be sold) O O O

Marketing Advertising, promotion, or sponsorship of e-cigarettes prohibited or regulated O O O O

Packaging Regulations on child safety packaging O O O

Placement of health warnings on e-cigarette packaging mandated O O O

Product Amount (concentration/volume) of nicotine in e-liquids regulated O O

Use of ingredients (other than nicotine) that pose a risk to human health in heated or unheated form in nicotine-containing e-liquid not permitted or flavors in e-liquid regulated O O

Quality of nicotine and other ingredients used to manufacture the e-liquid regulated; products passing safety and quality evaluation required; or other safety-related regulations for e-cigarettes instituted O

Reporting/ notification Manufacturers/retailers required to notify the competent authority prior to introducing e-cigarettes to the market, as well as submit an annual report of sales and other specified information O O

Vape-free public places Use of e-cigarettes in public places prohibited or restricted explicitly or as implied in the law O O
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