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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Self-reported medication adherence behaviour at the first home visit evaluated using the 6-item modified Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-6)

Item No. (%) patients who answered as ‘No’ (n = 15)
Motivation 1. Do you ever forget to take your medicine? 14 (93.3)
2. Are you careless at times about taking your medicine? 15 (100.0)

Knowledge 3. When you feel better, do you sometimes not take your medicine? 14 (93.3)
4. If you feel worse when you take your medicine, do you stop taking it? 13 (86.7)
2. Do you know the long-term benefits of taking your medicine as told to you by your doctor or pharmacist? 6 (40.0)

Motivation 6. Do you forget to refill your prescription medicine on time? 15 (100.0)
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