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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Faculty assessors’ satisfaction with the competency-based assessment (CBA) value (n=8)

Items Evaluation of his/herself as the assessors Total score (n, %)a, n=8

agree completely agree neutral disagree disagree completely
1 I felt that the students were satisfied with the virtual patient’s attitude. 4(50) 4(50)
2 I felt that the students were embarrassed with the virtual patient’s attitude. 1(12.5) 3(37.5) 1(12.5) 2(25) 1(12.5)
3 I felt that real patient’s attitude should be refracted to the CBA via virtual patients. 5(62.5) 1(12.5) 1(12.5) 1(12.5)
4 I think that experience on CBA was helpful for preparing teaching materials. 5(62.5) 1(12.5) 2(25)
5 I knew what the students need to know as CBA assessors. 6(75) 1(12.5) 1(12.5)
6 I think that CBA is important to assess students’ ability to care for patients 8(100)
7 I felt that CBA is important to improve for students’ communication skill, evaluation competency and problem solving. 7(87.5) 1(12.5)
8 I felt that I should be well prepared myself for CBA as a virtual patient. 6(75) 2(25)

aData are expressed by the number (percentage). Assessors answered the eight number of survey questionnaires regarding value of the CBA after completion of the assessment. Abbreviation: CBA, competency-based assessment

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