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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

FDA Regulatory Science Strategies11)

2011, FDA’s Strategic Plan for Regulatory Science 2020, FOCUS AREAS OF REGULATORY SCIENCE (FARS)
1. Modernize Toxicology to Enhance Product Safety • Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
2. Stimulate Innovation in Clinical Evaluations and Personalized Medicine to Improve Product Development and Patient Outcomes • Increasing Choice and Competition through Innovation
3. Support New Approaches to Improve Product Manufacturing and Quality • Unleashing the Power of Data
4. Ensure FDA Readiness to Evaluate Innovative Emerging Technologies • Empowering Patients and Consumers

5. Harness Diverse Data through Information Sciences to Improve Health Outcomes FARS-related research section

6. Implement a New Prevention-Focused Food Safety System to Protect Public Health • Research Management and Collaborations
7. Facilitate Development of Medical Countermeasures to Protect Against Threats to U.S. and Global Health and Security • Scientific Education, Training, and Communications
8. Strengthen Social and Behavioral Science to Help Consumers and Professionals Make Informed Decisions about Regulated Products • Infrastructure

FDA, Food and Drug Administration

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