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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Comparison of strategy of human resource of regulatory science experts in academia by country

Contry United States Japan Singapore South Korea
Supervision agency FDA PMDA HAS MFDS
Operating(or Establishing) department Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation Center of Regulatory science CoRE in Duke University Regulatory Science Support Research Center
Program CERSI Collaborative graduate school program, Comprehensive cooperation agreement Graduate Certificate in Health Products Regulation Regulatory Science University
Method It operates a regulatory science training project inside and outside the FDA (regulatory agency). It conducts educational and research tasks to promote FDA employees' ability to judge regulations, while universities(In other words, academia) operate master's, doctoral, post-doctoral degree programs and expert certification programs in regulatory science. It focuses on operating cooperative programs with the academic community for the purpose of improving the capabilities of PMDA employees directly related to the development of regulatory science. Operating a certification program within the duke graduate school As an early stage, universities run degree programs with the same course for each university.

FDA, Food and Drug Administration; PMDA, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency; HAS, Health Sciences Authority; MFDS, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety; CERSI, Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation; CoRE, Centre of Regulatory Excellence

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