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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison of the subject curriculum in Innovative Medicines Initiative: Education and Training projects

Drug discovery and developmentOO
Drug safetyOO
Medicine regulationOO
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamicsOO
Non-clinical trialOO
Clinical trialOO
Data managementOOO
Ethics and animal welfareOO
Systematic review and meta-analysisOO
ThesisOO (Ph.D. degree)O

Additional subjects

aSafeSicMET: Predictive cell culture systems, Valorization and critical approval in research, Substantiation and quantification of risks

bEu2P: Drug utilization study, Medicines risk communication, Benefit-risk assessment methods in decision making on medicines

cPharmaTrain: Generic & biosimilar medicinal products, Biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, Pregnancy and medication, Biological and advanced therapies

dEQIPD: Scientific integrity, Experimental design, Validity, Transparent reporting, Set up of industry/academia collaboration, Implementing QMS in discovery research environment

SafeSciMET, European modular education and training programme in safety science for medicine; Eu2P, European programme of pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology; PharmaTrain, Pharmaceutical medicine training programme; EQIPD, European quality in preclinical data; Ph.D., Doctor of pharmacy

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