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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Operational definition of explanatory variables

Variables Details
Age Age at the time of entering the cohort (i) under 50 (ii) over 50
Income quintile Classified into 1-10 quartiles based on income level
Number of hospitalizations Count the number of hospitalization routes
Duration of disease (years) Death (date of death-cohort entry date)
Survival (following end date-cohort entry date)
BMI * Weight / Height2
CCI Calculation based on medical history 1 year prior to diagnosis
Mastectomy Procedure code N7131-N7135
Lymph node dissection Procedure code P2121-P2124
Chemotherapy Procedure code KK151-KK159
Radiation therapy Procedure code HD051-HD089
Lymphedema Disease code I89.0, I97.2

* BMI: Body Mass Index, CCI: Charlson Comorbidity Index

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