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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Agenda and results of focus group interview for the patients

Main Agenda Sub agenda Results of interview
Cognition and response of drugs adverse effects and Route of the cognitive of side effects – After an adverse reaction, the causative agent is found through consultation with a pharmacist.

Frequency of consultation with healthcare professionals due to drugs adverse effects – Patients were received consultation for 2-3 times with healthcare professionals on symptoms found to be adverse effects due to drugs.
– Patients were received consultation on daily medication that the patient routinely takes.

Satisfaction and improvement of patients for DUR modernization pilot project Positive and negative opinions on the DUR modernization pilot project and improving patient safety – Patients were substantially satisfied with the constant manages of the routine medications and an additional activity to prevent potential adverse effects.
– If the project is expanded to a nationwide level, patients will trust healthcare professionals' services.

Suggestions for improving the DUR system to achieve safe use of medications – Overall satisfaction was observed with the current DUR system and DUR modernization pilot project with sufficient consulting time and space.

DUR, Drug Utilization Review

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