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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Agenda and results of focus group interview for the healthcare professionals at the pharmacy

Main agenda Sub agenda Results of interview
DUR* modernization pilot project and patient safety Positive and negative opinions of healthcare professionals on the monitoring – Healthcare professionals were positive about monitoring as part of the function of the health care provider and increased communication with patients.
– Concerns about the patient’s adherence to medication were likelihood of reducing due to information about adverse effects.

Positive and negative opinions of patients on the monitoring – Patients were significantly satisfied when the cause of adverse effects was identified and resolved through monitoring.
–Patients showed repulsion after receiving information about adverse effects.

Identifying and responding to adverse effects from the monitoring of additional safety activities – There was no need for pop-up hold function.
– The communication system is difficult to use in busy situations, and the established method was more preferred.
– The personal medication history review service was highly utilized, but in-hospital prescriptions could not be searched.

Obstacles to the DUR modernization pilot project Obstacles to monitoring – Consent forms were mostly written by patients with trust in the pharmacist, while there were many cases where patients felt repulsion to expose personal information related to health conditions.
– If a contraindicated drug is prescribed based on appropriate medical evidence, benefits should be considered rather than risks.

Obstacles to communication between doctors and pharmacists – Communication was passive due to concerns about deteriorating relations between hospitals(clinics) and pharmacies.

Possibility of the settlement of DUR modernization pilot project Appropriateness of incentives for additional safety activities of healthcare professionals – Compared to the additional work burden, the incentives in the pilot project were insufficient.
– Necessary of the campaign for pharmacists to motivating participation in additional safety activities.

Improvements in the current DUR operating system and additional opinions for DUR advancement – Necessary to unify the reporting channel between HIRA and KIDS.
– Measures shall be prepared for collecting consent forms through representatives.
– Necessary of public campaigns for healthcare professionals and patients to have positive awareness DUR.
– Necessary to perform monitoring for duplicate drugs ingredient in the efficacy group.

DUR, Drug Utilization Review; HIRA, Health Insurance Review & Assessment service; KIDS, Korea Institute of Drug Safety & Risk Management

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