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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Agenda and results of focus group interview for the healthcare professionals at the hospital

Main agenda Sub agenda Results of interview
DUR* modernization pilot project and patient safety Positive and negative opinions of healthcare professionals on the monitoring – Healthcare professionals were positive about monitoring as part of the function of the health care provider and increased communication with patients.
– Project preparation and conducting period were too short, so the pharmacy department has only participated.

Positive and negative opinions of patients on the monitoring – Healthcare professionals were positive about monitoring system as they can be aware of possible adverse effects in advance.
– Patients felt repulsed by the fact that he/she prescribed a contraindicated medication.

Identifying and responding to adverse effects from the monitoring of additional safety activities – Pop-up hold function and medical and pharmacist communication system were underutilized.
– The personal medication history review service was convenient and highly utilized because it was available after simple consent.

Obstacles to the DUR modernization pilot project Obstacles to monitoring – Additional work burden due to requesting consent was substantial
– Monitoring took an average of 30 minutes per patient.
– If a contraindicated drug is prescribed based on appropriate medical evidence, benefits should be considered rather than risks.

Obstacles to communication between doctors and pharmacists – Participants prefer communication through established methods over the new methods.

Possibility of the settlement of DUR modernization pilot project Appropriateness of incentives for additional safety activities of healthcare professionals – Regardless of the occurrence of adverse effects, incentives should be determined based on the amount of time or work required to perform monitoring.

Improvements in the current DUR operating system and additional opinions for DUR advancement – Necessary to unify the reporting channel between HIRA and KIDS
– Specific guidelines for required input information on reporting system
– Personal identification number required for patient classification
– Necessary to perform monitoring for duplicate drugs ingredient in the efficacy group.

DUR, Drug Utilization Review; HIRA, Health Insurance Review & Assessment service; KIDS, Korea Institute of Drug Safety & Risk Management

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