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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of focus group interview participants

Interview participants Group Medical institution type Specific information of related medical institution Sex
H01 1 Hospital Tertiary hospital Female
H02 Tertiary hospital Female
H03 Tertiary hospital Female
H04 General hospital Female
H05 General hospital Female

D01 2 Clinic Internal medicine clinic Male
D02 3 Orthopedics clinic Male
D03 4 Family medicine clinic Male

P01 5 Pharmacy Tertiary hospital Male
P02 Tertiary hospital Male
P03 Tertiary hospital Female
P04 General hospital Female
P05 Clinic Male
P06 Clinic Male
P07 Clinic Male
P08 General hospital Female

S01 6 Patient Tertiary hospital Male
S02 7 Patient Tertiary hospital Male
S03 8 Patient General hospital Female

H, Hospital; D, Doctor; P, Pharmacist; S, Subject

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