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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Summary of economic effects of hospital pharmacists’ interventions in Korea

ArticlesIntervention of hospital pharmacistsOutcome measureResults
Ah et al. (2016)15)•Medication education medical rounds with team •Development of drug therapy protocolCost-benefit ratioADE prevention: Net cost-benefit ₩123,821,130 Cost-benefit ratio:3.8

Han et al. (2016)16)Medication assessmentCost-benefit ratioADE prevention: Net cost-benefit $116,493 Cost-benefit ratio: 3.64

Lee et al. (2014)22)Medication assessmentCost avoidanceCost avoidance: ₩52,216,666.2 (6 month)

Park et al. (2014)24)Designated-pharmacists on interventionsCost avoidanceCost avoidance: ₩10,025,268

Park et al. (2012)33)Pharmacokinetic consultation service for vancomycinICERICER: ₩184,602 (The mean cost for preventing nephrotoxic episode)

Kang et al. (2013)37)Medical rounds with teamCost avoidanceCost avoidance: ₩25,867,083 during 5 month period

Chung et al. (2011)40)•Dosage adjustment •ADR monitoring •Providing medication informationCost avoidanceOverall economic benefit: ₩826,186,354 •The mean total cost avoidance for all 3661 interventions ₩7,60,426025 •The mean total cost saving for all 87 interventions ₩56,445,381 •The cost saving from avoiding discarding for all 439 intervention ₩9,314,948

Ahn et al. (2011)43)Changing the time of administrationThe effects of the improved medication compliance on glycemic control and the cost were not clearly investigated in this study

Han et al. (2000)49)Pharmacokinetic consultation service for theophyllineCost description•Direct benefit per service: ₩250,000 •Net benefit per year: ₩485,000,000

ADR: Adverse Drug Reaction

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