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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Medical utilization of chronic prostatitis outpatients in Korea

Number of patients (1,000 patients)
 specialized general hospital14.316.116.513.
 general hospital43.
Medical expenses per patient (KRW)
 specialized general hospital112,307122,962123,439123,193110,664106,201106,775116,573
 general hospital98,21399,673102,239104,414100,517101,376112,941112,395
Length of stay per patient (day)
 specialized general hospital2.
 general hospital3.

Long-term care hospitals and public health centers were excluded.

When a patient visited two or more medical institutions within a year, there was a possibility for over counting in number of patients. For example, he was counted as one patient if types of institutions were same. But if they were different, he was considered another patient by the types.

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