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Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):1-64
Original Articles
A Comparative Study on the Clinical Efficacy and Safety between Combination Therapy with CDK 4/6 Inhibitor and AI Versus AI Monotherapy in HR+/HER type2- Advanced Breast Cancer: Updated Meta-analysis
Min Ji Kim, Kyung Kim, MoonKyoung Cho, KieHo Sohn, and In-hwan Baek
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):1-10
Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab in Elderly Cancer Patients
Hye Sung Kim, HyoKeun Jeong, and Mi Kyong Shim
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):11-18
Patterns of Spontaneous Adverse Events Reporting on Human Papillomavirus Vaccines according to the Applicability of Brighton Collaboration Criteria in Korea from 2008 to 2017
Myo-Song Kim, Seung-Hun You, Hye Min Park, Min-Taek Lee, Ye-Jin Kang, Hyunji Koo, and Sun-Young Jung
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):19-30
Evaluation of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions in Patients Taking HMG CoA-reductase Inhibitors
Kyeong Ju Lee, Kyung Rim Kim, Jae Min Seong, Seung Wan Ryu, Hyun Yoon Lee, Sekyoung Cho, Yeji Cheong, Ki Nam Nam, and Yu Jeung Lee
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):31-35
The Effects of Intrapatient Variability in Tacrolimus Concentration on Clinical Outcomes Immediately After Liver Transplantation
Eunji Kim, Boram Kim, Jungwon Cho, Jung Hwa Lee, Eunsook Lee, Yun Mi Yu, Jai Young Cho, Euni Lee, and YoungRok Choi
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):36-43
Evaluation of Information Consistency of Clinically Significant Drug Interactions in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Seulki An, Ju-Yeun Lee, and Young-Mi Ah
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):44-50
Management of Osteoporosis in Liver Transplant Recipients
Hojeong Choi, Boram Kim, Yoonhee Kim, Jungwha Lee, Eunsook Lee, Euni Lee, Jai Young Cho, and YoungRok Choi
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):51-58
Case Report
A Case Report of Cyanopsia after Taking Sildenafil
Chan Hee Lee, Joong Sik Yoon, and Eunhee Ji
Korean J Clin Pharm 2020;30(1):59-64
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