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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Characteristics of medication use review (MUR) tools

List name Author Year criteria Country Population Development method Based criteria/tool
TIME20) Bahat et al. 2020 Explicit Turkey ≥65 years old Literature review, 49 experts STOPP/START version 2, CRIME 2014, some created by TIME study group through literature search
Beers criteria17) Beers et al. 2019 Explicit USA ≥65 years all ambulatory, acute care, institutionalized setting [exclusion] hospice and palliative care setting Modified Delphi method, 13 experts (physicians, pharmacist, nurses) Beers criteria 2015
ES-PIA 21) Harmand et al. 2019 Explicit Spain ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 25 experts (Clinical Pharmacology, Geriatrics, Rational Use of Drugs and Pharmacy, Primary Care and Pharmacoepidemiology, and Pharmacovigilance) Beers criteria 2012, 2015, French criteria 2007, 2009, PRISCUS 2010, STOPP/START 2008, STOPP/START version 2, Summary of Characteristics of Product, information about adverse events found in FEDRA, Vigibase, and MICROMEDEX
FORTA 22) Pazan et al. 2019 Explicit Germany, Austria, Switzerland ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 22 experts (geriatric internists and geriatric psychiatrists) FORTA 2012, 2015
HEDIS 23) National Committee for Quality Assurance 2020 Explicit USA ≥65 years old HEDIS data is collected through surveys, medical charts and insurance claims for hospitalizations, medical office visits and procedures HEDIS, Beers criteria 2019
Taiwan list 24) Chang et al. 2019 Explicit Taiwan ≥65 years old Modified Delphi methods (two-round), 24 experts (geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, and clinical pharmacists) Beers criteria 2003, McLeod criteria, Rancourt 2014, French criteria 2007, STOPP version2, NORGEP 2009, Thailand criteria 2008
Chinese list 25) Yuqin et al. 2017 Explicit China ≥60 years old Delphin method (three-round), Experts (geriatric clinical medicine, clinical pharmacy, etc.) Potential inappropriate medications from other countries, several adverse drug reaction monitoring lefts
COS 26) Rankin et al. 2018 Implicit Australia, Europe, North America ≥65 years old Delphi method (three-round), 120 experts (healthcare experts (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, researcher, journal editor, policy makers, healthcare and pharmacy consultants, representatives from older persons’ support groups and charities) Beers criteria 2015
EURO-FORTA 27) Pazan et al. 2018 Explicit Spain, Italy, France, UK/Ireland, Poland, Nordic countries ≥65 years old; ≥60 years with ≥6 medications Delphi method (two-round), 64 experts (geriatricians, geriatric neurologists, geriatric psychiatrists and clinical pharmacologists representing Spain (n=8), Italy (n=7), France (n=5), the UK/Ireland (n=9), Poland (n=8), the Nordic countries (n=6) FORTA 2015
GheOP3S-renal 28) Wazzan et al. 2018 Explicit Belgium ≥65 years old, with polypharmacy and with four renal function estimating equations. Panel evaluation, 9 experts (2 geriatricians, 1 nephrologist, 3 community pharmacists, 3 clinical pharmacists) The Renal Drug Handbook (RDH), the Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie, the Summary of Product Characteristics
Korean list 2018 29) Kim et al. 2018 Explicit Korea ≥65 years old except palliative care Modified Delphi method (four-round), 15 experts (10 geriatricians, 3 geriatric psychiatrists,1 clinical pharmacist) Beers criteria 2015, PRISCUS, PIMs list for the Korean elderly by Kim et al., PIMs list from the Korean Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, PIMs list of the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Brazilian list 30) Oliveira et al. 2016 Explicit Brazil ≥65 years old Modified Delphi method (two-round), 10 experts (9 geriatricians, 1 clinical pharmacist) Beers criteria 2012 STOPP 2008
STOPP-J 31) Kojima et al. 2016 Explicit Japan ≥75 years old, < 75 years old but are frail or in need of special care, Elderly of all ages Systematic review and consensus in group, 22 experts and working group (a number of organizations) The Japan Geriatrics Society. Guidelines for medical treatment and its safety in the elderly 2005, IshiiS et al. Guidance statement on appropriate medical services for the elderly 2014
Amsterdam tool 32) Mast et al. 2015 Mixed Netherlands ≥65 years old, with a chronic disease Delphi method (two-round), 11 experts (pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, geriatricians and GPs with cardiovascular, asthma/COPD, diabetes or osteoporosis expertise) -
Beers Alternatives 33) Hanlon et al. 2015 Explicit USA ≥65 years old Literature review, experts (NCQA panel, PQA panel, 2015 AGS Beers Criteria panel, the Executive Committee of the AGS) Beers criteria 2015, literature review
EU (7) PIM 34) Renom-Guiteras et al. 2015 Explicit Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 30 experts (clinical pharmacologist, pharmacist, nursing scientist, geriatrician) PRISCUS 2010, French list 2007, STOPP version1, Beers criteria 1997, Beers criteria 2012, Beers-Fick criteria 2003, McLeod criteria, Micromedex
GheOP3S tool 35) Tommelein et al. 2015 Explicit EU ≥65 years old, community pharmacy setting RAND/UCLA (two-round), 11 experts (clinical pharmacists, geriatricians, general practitioners, academics, community pharmacist, physician) Beers criteria 2012, Austrian list, Australian list, French list, Rancourt criteria, PRISCUS, Lindblad list NORGEP criteria, McLeod criteria, IPET, START, STOPP, Winit-Watjana criteria, Zhan criteria, ACOVE 2001, HARMWrestling report, KNMP guidelines, Hines and Murphy
Korean list 2015 36) Kim et al. 2015 Explicit Korea ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 20 experts (14 physicians and six pharmacists) Beers criteria 2012 version, STOPP 2008 version, and PRISCUS 2010 version
STOPP/START version 2 37) O'Mahony et al. 2015 Explicit Europe ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 19 experts (Expertise in geriatric medicine and pharmacotherapy in older people) STOPP/START 2008
RASP38) L. Van der Linden et al. 2014 Explicit Belgium ≥65 years old Content Validity Index method, 19 experts (5 pharmacists, 4 geriatricians, 5 hospital pharmacists, 5 geriatricians) STOPP 2008
OPTI-SCRIPT 39) Clyne et al. 2013 Explicit Ireland ≥70 years old taking ≥7 drugs Literature review, information from experts, including consensus-bases, 18 experts (general practitioners, pharmacists, a specialist in clinical pharmacology and medicine for the elderly) McLeod criteria, IPET, Beers criteria 2012, STOPP 2010, Prescription Peer Academic Detailing(Rx-PAD) study 2006, ACOVE introduction 2007
Austrian criteria 40) Mann et al. 2012 Explicit Austria ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 8 experts(expertise in geriatric medicine) Beers criteria, McLeod criteria, French list, PRISCUS 2010, STOPP/START
Czech criteria 41) Fialova et al. 2012 Explicit Czech Republic ≥65 years old Delphi method (three-round), 15 experts (geriatrics, internal medicines, general practice medicine, clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacology) peer-reviewed foreign journals in 1997-2011
Huisman-Baron criteria 42) Huisman-Baron et al. 2011 Mixed Netherlands ≥65 years old+frail Delphi method, 46 experts (24 physicians, 22 pharmacists) Beers criteria 1991, 1997, 2003, French criteria 2007, Mcleod criteria
PRISCUS 43) Holt et al. 2010 Explicit Germany ≥65 years old Delphi method (two-round), 38 experts (geriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology, general practice, internal medicine, pain therapy, neurology, psychiatry, and pharmacy) Beers criteria 1997, Beers-Fick criteria 2003, McLeod criteria, French criteria 2007
ARMOR 44) Haque et al. 2009 Mixed - - -
MRQ10 45) Levy et al. 2003 Implicit USA ≥65 years old taking ≥2 medications on a regular basis Literature review Indicators of pharmacist monitoring for ambulatory patients by Koecheler JA, Counseling models for the Kaiser Permanente/USC patient consultation study, Beers criteria 1997, 8 types of medication problems by Hepler and Strand

TIME, Turkish inappropriate medication use in the elderly; STOPP, Screening Tool of Older Person’s Prescriptions; START, Screening Tool to Alert doctors to Right Treatment; CRIME, CRIteria to Assess Appropriate Medication Use Among Elderly Complex Patients; USA, United States of America; NORGEP, Norwegian General Practice criteria; FORTA, Fit fOR The Aged; COS, Core Outcome Set; UK, United Kingdom; AGS, American Geriatrics Society, EU, The European Union; PIM(s), Potentially inappropriate medications); GheOP3S, The Ghent Older People’s Prescription community Pharmacy Screening; RAND / UCLA, Research and Development/University of California Los Angeles; NCQA , The National Committee for Quality Assurance; PQA, Pharmacy Quality Alliance; RASP, Rationalization of home medication by an Adjusted STOPP list in older Patients; ARMOR, Assess, Review, Minimize, Optimize, Reassess; MRQ, Medication-Risk Questionnaire;

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