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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Classification by location on drug label of active ingredient reflecting drug genetic information

Drug label classification Number of ingredients
Indicationa 32
Adverse reactionb 34
Dosagec 6
Drug interactiond 1
Contraindicatione 3
Other 4
Indication and adverse reaction 6
Adverse reaction and other 1
Indication and contraindication 1
Indication and adverse reaction and contraindication 2
Totalf 90

a Genome testing is required or recommended to define the population to be treated.

b If a high risk of adverse reactions has been reported or the blood concentration has risen regardless of whether or not the dose is adjusted.

c When the method of administration is changed according to genetic information, or when resistance is confirmed through genetic testing before administration.

d If there is an effect on the interaction between drugs.

e If it is contraindicated in label.

f Number of active ingredients reflecting drug genome information.

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