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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Hypercalcemia recovery rate within 7 days by treatment type and severity

 Treatment typeMild casesp-valueModerate-severe casesp-value

TotalRecovered, n (%)TotalRecovered, n (%)
No treatment4427 (61.4)0.0673a-a0.073
Hydration only2421 (87.5)71 (14.3)
Medication treatment3526 (74.3)6436 (56.3)
 Bisphosphonate + calcitonin1412 (85.7)0.1224431 (70.5)<0.001
 Bisphosphonate only159 (60.0)194 (21.1)

Three patients were transferred to nursing home and hospice care before treatment and the recovery could not be evaluated due to loss to follow up.

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