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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Causality assessment using Korean causality assessment algorithm (Ver.2)

 Question AnswerScore
Chronological relationshipIs there any information on chronological relationship of the suspected drug and ADR?Appropriate chronological relationship+3

Dose reduction or discontinuationIs there any information on dose reduction or discontinuation?Clinical improvement after dose reduction or discontinuation+3

Past ADR historyHave you ever experienced ADR with the same or similar drug?No information0

Concomitant medicationIs there any information on drugs being taken concomitantly?Explain with interaction with suspicious drug+2

Non-drug causeIs there any information on non-drug cause?Cannot explain ADR with non-drug cause+1

Any known information on the suspected drugIs there any information on the suspected drug?Indicated in approved materials by MFDS+3

Re-administrationIs there any information on re-administration?No re-administration0

Specific testsSpecific tests such as plasma drug concentration monitoring?No information0

Total score+12

Causality evaluationCertain

Certain: ≥12, Probable: 6-11, Possible: 2-5, Unlikely: ≤1

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