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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Characteristics of 8 studies included in the systematic review

Ref.StudyStudy periodPeriod of follow-upCountryNumber of patientsDosingTime of administrationNote

20Bakr AF (2005)1 year5 daysEgypt20205 mg/kg2 mL D10W≤ 1 hour after birth

12Bhat MA et al. (2006)2001.01 - 2003.121 yearIndia40308 mg/kg0.3 mL/kg D5W1 hour after birth

13Eslami Z et al. (2009)2007.01 - 2008.045 daysIran17195 mg/kg2 mL D10W≤ 1 hour after birth

21Jenik AG et al. (2000)74 months5 daysArgentina24278 mg/kg1.6 mL/kg D5W≤ 1 hour after birth

22Khurshid G et al. (2017)2016.01.08 - 2016.07.075 daysPakistan41395 mg/kg2 mg/kg D10W≤ 1 hour after birth

14Merrikhi AR et al. (2012)During 20097 daysIran11115 mg/kg*5 mL/kg D5W≤ 1 hour after birthAminophylline, preterm neonate

15Raina A et al. (2016)2011.11.01 - 2012.10.315 daysIndia78815 mg/kg0.25 mL/kg NS≤ 1 hour after birth

23Saeidi R et al. (2013)-5 daysIran19215 mg/kg*5 mL/kg D5W≤ 3 hours after birthAminophylline, conference abstract, late administration

Aminophylline dosing

RCT, randomized controlled trial; NICU, neonate intensive care unit; D10W, dextrose 10% in water; D5W, dextrose 5% in water; NS, normal saline

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