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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

Comparisons of efficacy in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) vs. non-TDM groups

TDM (n = 27)non-TDM (n = 27)Total (n = 54)p-value
Switching rates to 2nd line antifungal agents, N(%)7 (25.9)15 (55.6)22 (40.7)0.027a
Total duration of antifungal agents use, days166 [32-937]93 [16-734]126 [16-937]0.012b
Readmission to hospital for IFIs, N(%)10 (37.0)13 (48.1)23 (42.6)0.410a
3-month mortality, N(%)2 (7.4)4 (14.8)6 (11.1)0.390a
LOS, days66 [6-473]27 [0-163]59 [0-473]0.049b
ICU LOS, days7 [0-149]0 [0-163]1.5 [0-163]0.288b
Duration of ventilator, days4 [0-177]0 [0-152]2.5 [0-177]0.236b

Data are the No. (%) or median [min-max]

From the Chi-square test

From the Mann-Whitney U test

IFIs, invasive fungal infections; LOS, hospital length of stay; ICU LOS, intensive care unit length of stay

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