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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Approved indications of anti-dementia drugs and choline alfoscerate

DonepezilAlzheimer’s dementia

Rivastigmine1. Mild ∼ moderate Alzheimer’s dementia2. Mild ∼ moderate Parkinson’s dementia

GalantamineMild ∼ moderate Alzheimer’s dementia

MemantineModerate ∼ moderately severe Alzheimer’s dementia

Choline alfoscerate1. Secondary symptom and metamorphosis or degenerative brain-organic psychiatric syndrome by cerebrovascular deficiency: reduced memory, derangement, disorientation by reduced willingness and spontaneity, reduced willingness and spontaneity, reduced concentration
2. Emotional and behavioral change: emotional insecurity, sensitive to stimulation, indifferent to surrounding
3. Senile pseudodepression
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