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Table. 6.

Table. 6.

Association between prevalence of suicide related mental disorders, antidepressant use, suicide rate and distribution of healthcare services

   Year = 2014~2016Prevalence of suicide related mental disordersAntidepressant consumptionAntidepressant MPRSuicide rateNumber of neuropsychiatryNumber of mild patients-centered clinics
Prevalence of suicide related mental disorders-
Antidepressant consumption0.522**-
Antidepressant MPR-0.1110.109-
Suicide rate0.268*0.1210.158-
Number of neuropsychiatry0.0910.552**0.012-0.235-
Number of mild patients-centered clinics0.0040.424**0.023-0.475**0.795**-

MPR = Medication Possession Ratio

p < 0.05

p < 0.01

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