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Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):71-137
Review Article
Systematic Review on the Efficacy and Safety of Erenumab for the Prevention of Migraine
Pyoungwoo Son, Hyunwoo Chae, Eunhee Ji, Bong Kyu Yoo
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):71-78
Original Articles
Medication Use and Drug Expenditure in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: based on Korean National Health Insurance Claims Data (2010-2014)
Jung Eun Ha, Eun Jin Jang, Seul Gi Im, Hyun Soon Sohn
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):79-88
Validation of Voriconazole Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Lung Transplant Recipients Receiving Voriconazole alone for Treatment of Invasive Aspergillosis
Yu Jeong Son, Kyung A Lee, Ju Hee Jo, Jae Song Kim, Eun Sun Son, Moo Suk Park
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):89-100
Delayed Elimination After High-dose Methotrexate in Pediatric Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Hye Won Yoon, Yoon Sun Ree, Hyo Sook Song, Jae Song Kim, Eun Sun Son
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):101-108
The Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A Propensity Score Analysis
Kiyon Rhew
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):109-114
The Effect of Theophylline on Improvement of Renal Function in Asphyxiated Neonates: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Joo Won Lee, So Yeon Lee, Sook Hee An
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):115-124
Investigation on Perceptions, Attitudes, and Contributing Factors to Spontaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting among Community Pharmacists: Results from a Web-based Survey
Mo-Se Lee, Ah-Hyung Choi, Bo-Hyun Jang, Na-Young Kim, Jung-Min Lee, Ju-Young Shin, Ha-Lim Jeon
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):125-132
Case Report
Visual Field Defect after Taking Atorvastatin/Ezetimibe, a Case Study
Jiyoon Kim, Kyunggyu Lee, Junyoung Kim, Jung-Min Lee, Na-Young Kim, Mo-Se Lee, Eunhee Ji
Korean J Clin Pharm 2019;29(2):133-137

June 2019, 29 (2)